Poured-In-Place Rubber Surfacing


PlayTurf offers tremendous advantages over conventional playground surfaces like pea gravel or sand. It is porous, so it will not allow water to pool (if graded properly). Its shock-attenuating ability is unaffected by extreme heat or cold. No matter what the temperature, PlayTurf will provide a safe surface.

PlayTurf is 100% ADA/CSA compliant and has been fully tested under the guidelines of ASTM F1292 & HIC. Every PlayTurf install has a TRIAX test completed by an accredited third party to ensure accuracy and accountability. For the past 20 years, all TRIAX tests conducted on PlayTurf surfacing have exceeded industry standards.

Playturf Myths Debunked

"Rubber surfacing can burn you"

When applied with our methods and products, the rubber surface of a playground should never get past 15 degrees, as per the CSA standard.

"Rubber Surfacing is expensive"

While the initial cost is expensive due to the manual labour involved in the installation, rubber surfacing significantly reduces the monthly/yearly maintenance costs. Along with our warranty, you are also covered for 7 years.

"Rubber Surfacing doesn't drain, but pools on the surface"

Rubber surfacing is meant to drain THROUGH the rubber and not pool off the top. The ground is to be graded and the water drains under the rubber surfacing. If there is a concrete curb, we recommend drainage holes in the curb.


Rolldown Edger

Most cost-effective solutions for ending the rubber surfacing. The only option to provision 100% accessibility to the playground.


Preformed Rubber Curb

A flexible rubber curb, that creates a border to contain the rubber surfacing. The flexibility of the curb allows it to be curved to follow the footprint of the playground. Most commonly used when a playground is butting into an asphalt pathway.


Concrete Curb

Solid formed concrete border, containing the rubber surfacing. Created to meet any city or municipality specifications.


GPI Outdoor Designs is proud to offer its clients one of the longest warranties on its PlayTurf Surfacing.

Lifespan is calculated to be more than 17 – 25yrs, depending on climate and wear of product.

*Not to be used for heavy vehicle weight (passenger vehicles/dump trucks/semis etc.)

7-year warranty on maintaining the Impact Attenuation (as per the current CSA guidelines)

7-year warranty on wear and tear to the wear layer (excluding forces of nature or lack of improper maintenance)

7-year warranty on base preparation (if completed by GPI, guaranteed to maintain compaction if placed on undisturbed non-organic subgrade)

GPI goes above and beyond to ensure FUN is being had by all.