Eco-tread accessible pathway creates a recycled surface to revive weathered tarmacs or solve mobility concerns within difficult terrain.

Eco-tread is an environmentally friendly surface designed by GPI to help bridge the gap between function & accessibility. Eco-tread is the perfect solution in creating a safe and uniform pathway.


Eco-Tread requires little to no maintenance. Utilizing a brush on a skid steer will remove any debris from the surface. For snow removal, a brush-end skid steer is the preferred method or a plastic shovel. No chemicals, ice-melters or salts are to be used on the pathway.

Features & Benefits


Environmentally Friendly

Made of Alberta recycled rubber, pea gravel and non-toxic Urethane


High Strength Porous Surface

Each square foot has a permeability of 2000 gallons of water per hours, but the surface is still strong like asphalt


Flexible Surface

When utilizing rubber in the surface, it allows for the surface to be freeze-resistant and move with erosion


Slip Resistant

Reduces the chances of falls and accidents


ADA Compliant

Eco-Tread meets all standards for accessible design

Product Lifespan & Warranty

Lifespan is calculated to be more than 17 – 25yrs, depending on climate and wear of product.

*Not to be used for heavy vehicle weight (passenger vehicles/dump trucks/semis etc.)

5 Year Warranty On Installation Labour

5 Year Warranty On Base Prep (If Completed By GPI)

2 Year Warranty On Standard Wear & Tear

GPI goes above and beyond to ensure FUN is being had by all.